Oosterdokseiland – Amsterdam

Since 2015 Molsbergen Development has been involved in the inner-city development of plots 5 and 6, the final phase of the Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam. In close cooperation with the BPD team, Molsbergen Development has worked hard on structuring and forming the agreement for the new social hub of

Molsbergen Development forms part of the negotiation team and is responsible for overseeing the architect UN Studio and for the spatial and technical coordination of the design.

Click here to read an article in the newspaper het Parool’ about the new head office of

Scope of the project:
63,500 m2 office space
1,500 m2 commercial space
7,500 m2 apartments

Parties involved:
UN Studio
BPD Ontwikkeling

BPD Ontwikkeling