The added value of Molsbergen Development is in its integrated approach and expertise. In combination with many years of broad experience in developing successful, high-profile property projects and an extensive and professional network, this is the key to success. Creating connections, managing, careful timing, intervening where necessary, with a solid knowledge of all relevant disciplines, and a vision of the end result. Focus & Mix.

Today, developer BPD agreed on completing the realisation of Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam. Spanning 225,000 m², Oosterdokseiland is one of the largest urban projects in Western Europe. The last sub-plan consists of a social hub, specifically designed to encourage encounters, and includes 72,500 m2 of total space for public facilities, apartments and additional office space for It is hoped that the area will be in use by the end of 2020.

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The nhow Rotterdam design hotel in De Rotterdam has been awarded the much-coveted ENTREE Hospitality & Style Award for ‘Best Hotel Design 2014’. The jury report: ‘The overwhelming architecture of the building forms an essential element of the hotel design and was the deciding factor when presenting this award. The building is crucial to the overall experience of the hotel, which has put itself firmly on the design map of the Netherlands.'

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From small-scale pearls to landmarks in large and small towns and inner cities. Buildings and projects with impact and an image that extends further than the building itself. Adding this value to the surroundings and ensuring new energy and appeal. Inspiring places where users literally and figuratively have the space to develop their individual ambitions; getting the most out of work, home, shopping and living. Thinking big, down to the smallest details, is what’s needed. With passion, seeking the ultimate solution for that specific place. The result is a fantastic track record. And that’s something we are proud of.



Driven and with a passion for our work. Always going as far as possible, and then one step further. Where enjoyment and trust are essential components on the route to success. Working with experts also brings with it a certain degree of calm confidence; all our team members can draw on their individual expertise to take responsibility for their work.

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Keeping tight control of projects, transparent, while appreciating and naturally respecting the interests of our partners. Always seeking that little bit extra and the best partners in the business. Control, yes, but always remaining open to new approaches and solutions. Not afraid of competition. That’s actually what we enjoy. It keeps us sharp. With the long term as perspective, viewed from our own projects and for the relationship with our partners. A good structure does not restrict, but in fact gives more scope for creative ideas to achieve even better and exciting solutions. After all, good is never good enough.