De Rotterdam

De Rotterdam, an icon on the Wilhelminapier designed by Rem Koolhaas / OMA, with approx. 60,000 m2 of office space, a hotel, 240 dwellings, catering establishments, leisure facilities and a basement car park. It has been developed in collaboration with partners including Rabo Real Estate Group, OVG Real Estate, FGH Bank, Amvest, NH Hoteles, the Municipality of Rotterdam, 7 different contractors and more than 100 other property experts.

Best Tall Building in Europe 2014

From the acquisition in 1998 until the sale in 2016 of this largest multifunctional building in the Netherlands, we have been involved in the entire development and commercial strategy of De Rotterdam. This has involved the acquisition, design, development, commercial use and strategy, letting and ultimately the sale to a consortium of Korean investors, represented by AMUNDI Real Estate.

We literally know every detail of every part of this project covering 160,000 m2.


  • De Rotterdam has won a large number of national and international awards and nominations, including the prestigious award for Best Tall Building in Europe (CTBUH), and was runner-up in the Best Tall Building in the World competition.
  • De Rotterdam was built between December 2009 and November 2013 by a consortium of 7 contractors; during the peak of the construction 800 people were on site daily and at the time it was the largest building under construction in Europe.
  • The area is the most densely built-up and populated part of the Netherlands, covering an area the size of a football pitch.
  • 3 towers, 7 metres apart, up to a height of 150 metres, with 7,588 different spaces.
  • The lessees include: nhow Rotterdam hotel, Media Markt head office, HMB restaurant, Club Aqua Asia, Municipality of Rotterdam, Nidera head office and Motion 10.
  • Every day there are around 4,500 people the building.
  • In total more than 100 parties have been involved in developing this landmark in Rotterdam.

Largest Single Asset transaction
In June 2016 the offices, the hotel and the car park are sold to a consortium of Korean Investors: Amundi Real Estate, KFCC and Meritz. This is up until now the largest single asset transaction in the Dutch history.

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Completion time
1998 – June 2016

Rabo Real Estate
OMA/Rem Koolhaas
MAB Developement
NH Hoteles
Municipality of Rotterdam
FGH Bank
OVG Real Estate
FGH Bank
Strabag / Züblin

Amundi, KFCC and Meritz